Certification Process of United Metric

Promoting Sustainable Models for Achieving SDGs

United Metric is a renowned certification organization that aims to promote sustainable models among organizations and businesses. Through the utilization of our comprehensive metrics and guidelines, we assist applicants in their pursuit of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To initiate the certification process, interested organizations and businesses must submit a request to United Metric. This can be done through our online registration portal, where applicants provide essential information about their entity and express their intent to participate in the certification program.

Upon successful registration, applicants will receive the United Metric's guidelines and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These guidelines serve as a roadmap, outlining the necessary steps and metrics that organizations need to adhere to in order to achieve sustainable models aligned with the SDGs. The KPIs act as measurable targets that guide and assess the progress of applicants throughout the certification process.

Self-Assessment by Applicants:
Applicants are required to perform a thorough self-assessment based on the provided guidelines and KPIs. This self-assessment allows organizations to evaluate their current practices and measure their alignment with the sustainable models prescribed by United Metric. By conducting this assessment, applicants gain insights into areas where improvements are needed to align with the SDGs.

After completing the self-assessment, applicants are required to submit a declaration to United Metric. This declaration, which is based on the United Metric's framework, includes a detailed description of the organization's sustainable practices, efforts, and initiatives. In addition to the declaration, applicants must also provide additional documents and evidence that support their claims and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development.

Upon receiving the declaration and additional documents, United Metric assigns a team of experts who thoroughly evaluate the submitted materials. The experts meticulously assess the alignment of the organization's practices with the SDGs and the guidelines provided by United Metric. The evaluation includes a comprehensive review of the declaration, supporting documents, and evidence submitted by the applicant.
Based on the achieved score in the evaluation, United Metric issues certificates that categorize the organizations accordingly:

  • Up to 30%: Bronze Certification
  • Up to 50%: Silver Certification
  • Up to 70%: Gold Certification
  • More than 80%: Platinum Certification

These certifications serve as official recognition of an organization's commitment and efforts towards sustainable development and achieving the SDGs. They also provide a valuable distinction that can be utilized for promotional purposes and to enhance an organization's reputation.

In summary, the certification process offered by United Metric provides a structured framework for organizations and businesses to assess and improve their sustainability practices. By utilizing United Metric's guidelines, performing a self-assessment, submitting a declaration with supporting documents, and undergoing rigorous evaluation, organizations can earn certifications that demonstrate their dedication to sustainable models and the SDGs.